Now stocking more 'cakes' then your average bakery!

Posted by Cherie Clements on

If you haven't seen or worked with a Caron Cake before... where have you been hiding? 

Today was spent unpacking numerous boxes filled to the brim with 'cakes' of every colour, size and ply. We are proud to say, we now stock the following range of Caron Yarn:

  • Original Caron Cakes
  • Cotton Cakes
  • Sprinkle Cakes
  • Cup Cakes
  • Tea Cakes
  • Baby Cakes (missed this delivery but coming soon) and,
  • Big Cakes (also missed this delivery but on their way)

Not only do we have 'cakes' but now also a stunning range of the Caron Simply Soft Yarn

  • Ombre
  • Paint
  • Tweed and
  • Heather

You'll have to be quick, or you might miss out! Sadly we can only hold so much stock, so it's first in best dressed. 


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