Citrine Chip Bracelet

Citrine Chip Bracelet

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Stretchy one size fits all chip braclet 

Citrine carries the power of the sun in it and is energizing, life giving, warm and comforting. It is also one of the very best stones for abundance and manifestation and is often kept in places of business or in cash registers. CItrine clears the mind and body and manifests wishes and abundance. It is also useful for sales and business interactions. Citrine transmutes and dissipates negative energy but does not hold it. It transforms negative thoughts into positive ones. Citrine attracts love and happiness and shields against heartbreak and jealousy. Citrine assists in stamina and energy and helps those with chronic fatigue. It also strengthens intelligence and opens ones heart to joy. It is said to aid in overcoming depression by improving self esteem and creativity while getting rid of anger, sensitivity to criticism and negative feelings. Citrine an energizing, cleansing and joyful crystal. 

Chip bracelets glean their beauty from the natural stone chips that they are made from. They can be worn to gain the influences, metaphysical or healing properties of the stones or simply for their beauty. They are a simple and inexpensive way to wear your favorite stones.