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Dove Grey Sand Moulds

Dove Grey Sand Moulds

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Eco-friendly flexible silicone sand mould set. Features four traditional seaside-themed shapes; a starfish, tropical fish, crab, and turtle. Presented in a cotton net storage bag that keeps everything together without trapping annoying sand residue. Each mould includes a raised lip rim that makes it easier to lift and reposition. 

The Silicone story (and why it’s better for the environment)

Silica, or silicon dioxide, is the raw material in silicone. Beach sand is pure silica. The same goes for quartz stone.

Natural silica is converted into pure silicon by heating it to extremely high temperatures. Oxygen, carbon and hydrogen are then added. These elements bond together as polymers to form a final resin for moulding.

Silicone is as strong as metal and more flexible than plastic. However, unlike plastic derived from petrochemicals, its manufacture doesn’t hurt the environment or generate toxic waste.

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