About Us

Offering a unique mix of ‘made in store’ and other products, we cater not only for children but for the whole family.
No matter where our products are made, we keep a strict eye on quality, durability and affordability. With a selection of goods that have been lovingly picked or produced right here in store, at Rudi Patootie we are confident you will get maximum enjoyment and use out of your purchase.

As the creator of Rudi Patootie, I have watched the boutique grow and develop it’s own identity over time. I can now see how important it is to accommodate the entire family with a wide variety of products. Although I am not yet a parent, family time is key to me. I get to witness first hand the merchandise being tried and tested, and whether I’ve sourced it or created it, I observe how tough kids are on their stuff and it’s great to see it all measure up.

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Head Designer
Rudi Patootie