Memory/Keepsake Softies

Made from any pre-loved clothing or fabric including uniforms, jumpers, shirts, wedding dresses, baby clothes etc. Memory softies are a wonderful memento of a sporting event or club, the perfect keepsake from a wedding or prom, the ideal school leavers gift, a lovely way to hold onto those tiny first baby clothes and a comforting way to still cuddle a loved one who may have passed or be away from home.

Our softies range in size from approx 30-40cms when sitting or laying flat.
Please contact us to discuss pricing 

Softie's we can make:
- puppy dog
- koala
- lion
- kangaroo
- wombat
- whale
- dolphin
- teddy bear
- kitty cat
- elephant
- dragon
- duck
- turtle
- seahorse
- bunny rabbit

If you would like to know specifics regarding each softie please feel free to ask via the contact us form.

How it works:
You provide the material -
Baby Clothing 4-5 items per softie
Adult Clothing 2-3 items per softie (3-4 if small size)
*please ensure all items of clothing are freshly washed before sending them.

Items of clothing NOT suitable include: loose knit items, wool, fur, swimmers/Lycra, thickly padded items, fine/delicate materials (if in doubt please ask)

Once material and payment has been received we will commence making your memory toy.


Please note: all of our items are handmade from different fabrics there can be a real variation in the appearance of the final product and the end result may not look exactly like the product pictured.

We use many patterns purchased from creative hard working crafters. I take no credit for having made the original patterns

The price of the softie does NOT include the cost of you getting the clothing of your choice to us here in Merimbula, nor does it include the cost of shipping the finished product back to you. 
Shipping cost for finished product will be calculated during checkout.

Handmade Keepsake/Memory Softies - Rudi Patootie - Merimbula Handmade Keepsake/Memory Softies - Rudi Patootie - MerimbulaHandmade Keepsake/Memory Softies - Rudi Patootie - MerimbulaHandmade Keepsake/Memory Softies - Rudi Patootie - Merimbula