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Brumby Sunstate #19803

One Very Tired Wombat

One Very Tired Wombat

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How hard can it be to find a bit of peace and quiet?

Wombat is tired and just wants to rest. But it's hard to sleep during the day when a bunch of noisy birds want to sing and play. The magpies keep whistling, the fairy wrens are flitting about and don't even talk about the kookaburras.

Poor tired wombat. Will he ever get to sleep?

* Mathematical Foundations- Helps your child build a strong base in counting.
* Biodiversity Awareness- Introduce your young ones to the unique fauna of Australia.
* Emotional Intelligence- Fosters empathy and understanding of emotions.
* Language Skills- Perfect for reading aloud, aiding in linguistic development.

One Very Tired Wombat is more than just another counting book; it's a keepsake imbued with authentic Aussie charm. Perfect for birthdays, baby showers, or 'just because' moments, its educational and emotional richness makes it a timeless gift for any occasion.
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