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Viking Toys Eco Bucket Set

Viking Toys Eco Bucket Set

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This Viking Toys Bucket, Sieve and Vehicles Set is an excellent all in one set. This set comes with a variety of tools and equipment which includes a bucket (17cm x 16cm x 11cm), sieve (20cm x 14cm x 3.5cm), shovel (18cm x 8cm x 4.5cm), rake (14cm x 10cm x 5.5cm) and 2 vehicle sand moulds (13cm x 10cm x 3cm approx). This set is great for both outdoor and indoor play and is made from a strong, durable non-toxic sugar cane plastic.

This is a fantastic set for the sand pit or mud patch and provides children with a number of resources to play with at one time. One child can jump from each of the items to the other or you could have multiple children playing together at one time promoting teamwork, collaboration and sharing. These come in soft colours that help them blend in with most surroundings and they also make each of them easy to see and locate in the play area.

The cotton rope on the bucket makes this comfortable to carry and lift, it also helps keep the contents of the bucket such as sand and water balanced to prevent less spillages. The comfortable rounded edges make each of the play pieces perfect for small hands to handle, they help the children maintain control while they play and learn.

These high-quality toys are made from a renewable sugar cane plastic. Ecoline toys are made from sugarcane that is then processed and manufactured into an eco-friendly plastic. The sugar cane is a sustainable plant that helps reduce carbon emissions by binding and absorbing surrounding CO2 emissions. During this process the sugarcane absorbs more CO2 then what is takes to manufacture the Ecoline toys. Which overall makes their environmental footprint a positive one. This process also makes these toys 100% recyclable.

These toys are dishwasher safe and can also be sprayed with and wiped down with disinfectant or antibacterial wipes, making them easy to clean and disinfect at the end of each day or in between play. This helps prevent the spread of germs and bacteria keeping the children healthy and safe.

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